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F4: Fan Fans Flames of Fame

AH, CELEBRITY. Everybody loves a celebrity. The fame, the fans. And how, a fan can fan the flames of fame. Or fragrance. Or pungent fumes.

Everyone wants a piece it. Even, apparently, the flies. That is, the bandwidth busting that comes with the fame. If you're currently out in the cold, (yes, I do mean outside the circle of fame) a piece of any action even remotely related to the celebrity will warm others to your blog.

It’s the drawing power of celebrity - a phenomenon that’s been around since the dawn of marketing.

Celebrity sells.

Celebrity can also be benevelont. In marketing jargon, it's known as borrowed equity. Celebrity presence can bestow upon you and/or your blog a special attraction and appeal you otherwise would not (ever hope to) have. The bare facts, as it were... Heheh! :P

OK, like I am a dumb novice blogger. Clueless even about trackbacks and all those fancy bells and whistles that make a bogger look like a real pro. My visitor stats attest to my hopelessness in promoting my blog. See, got no disclaimers to scare you away also. Got no bland Google Ads to distract either. At the rate I’m going, there isn't the remotest possibility that my bandwidth will ever come close to busting. *snort*

Alright, I will not expound further on fanning the flames of celebrity power. I will leave such serious discourse to the qualified marketing or consumer behaviour guru blogger.

But like I told you, I wasn’t exaggerating. Look how celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Paris Hilton have parlayed their stardom into ranges of own-label goods that often have little to do with whatever earned them their fame.

Likewise with celebrity bloggers into matters, thus and thus.

I just love Bloggers 'r' us . Right now I’m one of it’s biggest fans. The phenomenon, not the bloggers. I outgrew that sort of thing a long, long time ago.

Fridiculous Four or F4 or whatever name makes them 'look together', will remain, long after those pages of newsprint have yellowed or degraded from being smelly fishwrap. But the euphoric moments of the fleeting phenomenon of 'ordinary moments made extraordinary' by nationwide MSM coverage – hey you gotta catch its benevolent radiance while it lingers in the air.

It gives me something to blog about - without busting my bandwidth (what a preposterously wishful, nay, fridiculous idea!) or my brain :P

I'll blog about it while it lasts. To echo Edrei, So there! ^-~



Blogger Kamigoroshi said...

So there indeed...:)

Immortalised in the media. Even though it's old and stale. You can always look back and say, I know them. The blog and they are my friends.

So there...:)

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Andreas said...

Hey - you are quoting me - thank you thank you thank you. And don't worry about missing hits - I dont have such a rocking webstie either, but I have fun blogging, and sharing what I think. And that is the main purpose of blogging for me. So it would be nice to have one entry a day and 100,000 visitors, lol

4:57 PM  
Blogger percolator said...

aiyo, fanship stuff together with schoolgirl crush, I left in the dim distant past of my pimply teenhood. LOL!

t'was my pleasure to quote you. By the by, something's real wrong with my communication, going by your (kind) consoling response. I fully intend having fun blogging exactly what/how I fancy, not beholden in any way to concurr with popular views/expectations. Judging from how even Screenshots has to bend to popular opinion on the NegaraKu issue, it's clear the fun ends when hits become ALL AND EVERYTHING. But then, it was probably the pragmatic thing to do for a socio-political blog since influence is paramount.

7:05 PM  

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