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It's good to let things breathe in your imagination because often your initial response to it is not the best thought-through response. I savour little glimpses of life. Mine and those of people who turn me sideways and around. Friend or stranger. Even a child. (the world looks different from down there) Sometimes an author, photographer, artist. I let things saturate and incubate here. Hopefully, deeper meanings can percolate up and flower.

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Blink-worthy Is News-worthy

And here's the news:
Porn-on-the-net is stale old fact that has long ceased to be news. It started a long, long time ago. It's so commonplace now, it pops out at you even when you are not looking for it, even when you seriously, most emphatically don't even want to see it. Many people seek and have a daily affair with this publicly available nudity. It’s routine. No big deal. Not blink-worthy - even for those of us who don't have such an affair.

But Martine, Martine is one blog post that has got everyone (porn-surfers included, no doubt) on the *blink* *blink* It raises the question (to use a borrowed phrase)..." and so what’s sarong with a naked blogger?”

Well, I don’t know if it's right or wrong. It has to do with other people’s personal liberties. I do know though, that Sarong Party Girl does "like being in the news". So yeah, tell me again, what's sarong with that?

Seems to me, a naked Oriental/Asian female blogger is definitely newsworthy - until such a time naked bloggers (male or female) become a routine matter or pastime like porn-on-the-net, of course.

Mind you, it’s newsworthy not only here in conservative Asia, but also in libertine western cultural societies.

See, it also made the news in
Australia, the UK and Taiwan.

And by the by, SPG is not the first Asian to have done it. Unfortunately, I can’t comment more cos I can’t read Chinese, but apparently, earlier this month, a
middle-aged female blogger ...
set the Chinese blogging community abuzz too!

*blink* blink*
[end of news bulletin]

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