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It's good to let things breathe in your imagination because often your initial response to it is not the best thought-through response. I savour little glimpses of life. Mine and those of people who turn me sideways and around. Friend or stranger. Even a child. (the world looks different from down there) Sometimes an author, photographer, artist. I let things saturate and incubate here. Hopefully, deeper meanings can percolate up and flower.

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A stray cat.



THEY FLOOD ME with memories...

The scent, the fragrance, the odour.

The thing, the moment, the spirit.

Smell is the fastest way to recall memory. With scents we can relive almost anytime of our lives. Wonderful or awful, memories are always more vivid when accompanied with a smell.

I wish I could photograph the scent of …

.. ozone before and during thunderstorms
.. photosynthesising plants during the rain
.. earthy smells like freshly turned earth
and freshly cut grass after the rain.

raindrops a falling
awakening blades of green grass
refreshing the soul.

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Clean and Vibrant. Calming and Awakening

There is a memory or a thought or an inspiration in every one of these smells…

.. baby’s soft downy head
.. sun-toasted sheets and linen
and just washed hair.

Recognose the fragrance?

.. crushed fresh curry leaves
.. sesame oil
.. chopped coriander (yim-sai)
and screwpine (pandan).

The scents that trigger other memories…. and senses

.. the tart and winey smell as you bite into a shiny Granny Smith, making a crisp cracking sound and the spurt of sweet juice in your mouth
.. the onion's tear-inducing odour as you peel off the layers
and those unforgettably pungent belachan times :D

.. old books
.. a new leather purse
.. an old daggy pillow
and Tiger Balm.

Comforting aromas that send us into our past like nothing else.
.. food before it reaches the table
.. zesty citrus
.. provocative jasmine and cool mint
and the voluptuous tuber rose.

And a little talcum is always welcum ^-^

Of course, one person’s favourite smell is another’s repulsion.

I hate … petrol, ciggie smoke, linoleum, correction fluid, marker pens, latex, bleach, chlorine in your hair and skin after a swim. Famous Amos Cookies :(

What smells do you like? Or loathe?

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