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Blog Buster: A Chilling Effect

Recently, across the Causeway...
When Singaporean authorities invoked the sedition act and charged local bloggers for posting racist comments on an online forum, commentators said it had a chilling effect on the Singapore Blogging community (useful links & related posts here)

Meanwhile, back home in Malaysia... (femes bloggers, links not necessary)
Celebrity blogger Peter Tan lodged a police report against 'Good Man' for "posting abusive messages containing racial slurs".

According to a press report, "He said if this is allowed to go unchecked, it will give a negative impression of bloggers." Internet and media savvy Peter Tan is believed to have provided details of the sender’s IP address to the police.

Blogger Ameer Zulkifli aka Mack Zulkifli also lodged a similar report against the same poster for sending a 'seditious' or 'insulting' message that was NOT PUBLISHED (!)on his blog.

"Ameer called on responsible bloggers to notify the police of seditious messages posted in their blogs."


“In the zest to be obliging to the authorities, some bloggers have failed to be responsible for their own space and invoked one of the most ugliest piece of legislation to stifle rants.”
Chez 1978 said

All of a sudden, the idea that the Internet is not a safe place has taken on a whole new dimension. Not just for bloggers, but for blog commentors as well. I fear proponents of freedom of expression may now have a negative impression of Malaysian bloggers :) :P

What is so potent about plain stupidity that we need invoke FEAR by raising the spectre of the Sedition Act?
Why, I wonder, is a blog that "stresses the freedom of expression" password-protecting related posts (as the post titles clearly indicate) that, doubtless, are of public interest?



Blogger Lucia Lai said...


i'm 100% with you here, percolator. it's such a shame that it has to come to this... bloggers invoking the sedition act themselves, bloggers willingly revealing commenter's IP address to the police (without the police asking for it first!) and now this stuff of password protecting posts. this is strange. if want to protect a post, why post it in the first place? are we going to see the advent of blogs open for certain selected people only?

let's shudder together.

8:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's about being excessively politically correct and "goodie, goodie", self censorship.

If in Europe, everyone was merely conformistic, we wouldn't have seen any Reformation over time.


12:16 PM  
Blogger thquah said...

I think there is no right and wrong. As far as for me I blog with resposibilities and if I don't like a comment I will just delete it.Maybe I don't have to worry so much been not femes.

7:33 PM  
Blogger percolator said...

Kudos! Thus far, the most simple & accurate articulation (of the many critical assessments on the issue)I've heard all week:

"... don't have to worry so much been not femes."

Only, it wasn't about not being femes, rather it was about not being femes enough!

11:08 AM  

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