the mudpond

It's good to let things breathe in your imagination because often your initial response to it is not the best thought-through response. I savour little glimpses of life. Mine and those of people who turn me sideways and around. Friend or stranger. Even a child. (the world looks different from down there) Sometimes an author, photographer, artist. I let things saturate and incubate here. Hopefully, deeper meanings can percolate up and flower.

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A stray cat.


The Photographing Eye

THEY GIVE US a sense that we hold the entire world in our heads. They are not so much statements of the world, but pieces of it. They are experience captured.

Still objects or subjects viewed from unusual angles often not only delight the eye. A clever photographing eye can present them to us as a slice of time and space to promote nostalgia, evoke emotions, elicit responses and even reflect ourselves. A phototgraphic image is a random snip of time, place and memory that forms a loose story of a life lived.
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A multitude of image banks, libraries and photoblogs provide a rich source of ideas that continually percolate in my mental mudpond. So while this blog is generally highly textual in content, most of the things blogged about here have often drawn inspiration from the textual analysis of images. They have provided excellent contexts for many of the thoughts that eventually flowered into published entries in this blog of mine.

And so it is, I am delighted with the recent debut of three photoblogs in the Malaysian Blogosphere. Through their photographing eyes, they not only offer us a different worldview, they can also show us a new or different way of seeing.

A Slice of Time, Shared Experiences is an upcoming blog series in which I will share my interpretations from their windows of the world and how photographs can change our notion of what's worth looking at.

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